So you’re thinking of joining the Lockforce Franchise network?


But hold your horses…we advise you read this list of what you’ll need to consider before deciding to take you application any further…

Are you good with people?

Despite the steady march of lock technology and use of the internet by technicians to market their services, the locksmith industry is still a people business at its heart. Our technicians are in a privileged position of being invited into people’s homes and vehicles – often when they’re feel at their most vulnerable. And while we’ll supply your DBS, ID badge and all the other docs that prove your character on paper, it’s up to you to inspire trust in the customers you serve. Good communication and a smart presentation is a winning formula in our experience!

Are you good with your hands?

We’re not expecting you to fit a lock blindfolded before coming on board…indeed most of our network members weren’t training locksmiths before they joined. However, we do expect you to be good with your hands – with an interest in the technical challenge that comes with lock picking. If you possess this key characteristic, you’ve got no more to worry about – as we’ll train you up on the rest.

Have you got the right level to invest?

As the old saying goes, you have to spend money to make money and when launching with us, we’ll expect a certain amount of financial commitment before welcoming you into our network (£8500+VAT to be precise). In return, you’ll get a package that will set you up as a business owner, the support to make your business a success and the right to trade under a brand that customers already recognise up and down the country – and upon whose credibility you can build yourself a successful business… It’s a great deal, and one of the most competitively priced on the market!

Have you got what it takes?!

Running a business isn’t a walk in the park…and at Lockforce we recognise that running a Lockforce franchise won’t be for everyone – which is perfectly fine! For indeed, you’ll need to have a determination to succeed - the type of hunger to build your business that will get you out of bed late at 3 in the morning to attend an emergency lock out…as well as the endurance and foresight to cope with large amounts of work followed by periods of relative quiet which you’ll need to harness to plan and grow your business to the next level. Confidence to approach customers, to value your trade and to the adaptability to take on new and bold ideas is essential.

If you answered yes to all 4 of these questions then we’d love to hear from you!

Just click on the ‘Prospectus’ tab and fill in the short form. We’ll send you a free prospectus for you to download and learn more about our franchise opportunities at your leisure. Alternatively, give Lockforce’s Brand Development Manager Gayle a call on 03335 670562 or email her today on